Home Network Solutions

home network solutionsInteractive Home specializes in residential structure wired or wireless networking with a focus on entertainment, communications and comfort. Our goal is your complete satisfaction! Let us show you how we integrate new components and/or existing ones into your system.

Access the Internet & Computer Files Throughout Your Home Wirelessly!

In today's age of technology, virtually every home has a combination of computers, desktops, laptops and tablets. Streaming music, movies and TV shows is todays norm. Having a high quality secured network system is vital for both work and entertainment. Home networks gives you the ability to share files, music, and printers without having to leave the computer you are working on.  We install robust, secure, and stable networks necessary to support automated control systems, multimedia streaming, and the demands of today's "smart home".

Monitor your Home from Anywhere in the World

With a Smart Home Network you can monitor every "smart" component from anywhere in the world. Interactive Home can design and install a secure wired and wireless home computer networking system. We can connect many useful features so you can access your music, photos, and movies as well as full home automation. We can set you up with a network-attached storage drive or server computer to safely back up and store all of your data so you don’t have to worry about catastrophic data loss.

Let Interactive Home show you how to make your Smart Home simple to use.

Worried About Wires? Worry No More!

Our goal is to create a warm, beautiful and functional space that your entire household can enjoy for years to come. Unsightly wires, cords or controls can ruin even the best planned system. Everything we install is neatly organized! But not every company is like ours! Cleaning up and organizing any wiring areas not only takes planning but the skills to do so, and we do so. Interactive Home has the experience to create an efficient working system including modifying current fixtures and cabinets to fit new or updated equipment seamlessly, as well as properly ventilating components and organizing wires and cords in an ordered manner. We can handle any job, no matter how big or small including:
  • Structures Wired and/or Wireless Networks
  • Cable modem or DSL or dial-up
  • Share your Internet connection
  • Wireless Network Printing
  • Video conference with family and friends anywhere in the world
  • View cameras in and around the home from anywhere

Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution

Wired or Wireless Networks, we can provide a system that gives you the security and flexibility you need.