Smart Home Technology

smart home technology

Behind every truly "smart home" is a network that allows all of your devices and systems to work together seamlessly. We can build and maintain a network for you that invisibly links every part of your home and allows you to control it all at the touch of a button. We set it up for you. You enjoy it. It's that simple when you call Interactive Home Design. Imagine using your iPad™ as a touchpanel for your home entertainment system, or to control all the lights in your home. Crestron Mobile Pro G puts a professional-looking Crestron touchpanel user interface right on the popular Apple® iPad, enabling all kinds of customizable control capability, while utilizing the complete screen space on the iPad. Crestron Mobile Pro G talks directly to the control system without any third-party software or external servers. Control multiple locations, such as a primary residence, vacation home and office, from a single, intuitive graphical interface that provides real-time status of room temperature, lighting levels, shade position, volume and digital media metadata including album, song and artist.

Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Control all your Home Entertainment, Lighting, Climate Control and Window Treatments on-wall touch panels, multi touch remotes or iPhone & iPads. Our cutting edge technology is combined to create a smart home automation system that makes your life easier:
  • Keep all your audio and video equipment stored in one location and out of site
  • Control all your electronic devices from any room in your home
  • Centralized Audio/ Video means no more black boxes in every room
  • Huge range of control options including remotes, iPads, iPhones, tabletop touch panels or in-wall touch panels
  • Create an energy efficient home with automated lighting and HVAC climate controls
  • Control and access your home from any computer (PC or MAC )
  • Integrated Home Security Control
  • Store All your Music in one central media server and access them from any room
  • Turn your iPad or iPhone into a full remote control for all your home electronics
  • Access and control your home while away
  • Monitor your homes status such as temperature, lighting and security remotely
  • Integrate a full Home Theater, for the ultimate in home entertainment
  • Enjoy Wireless music in every room
  • and so much more!