Wireless Music

Your musical mood changes from moment to moment. So having instant access to your entire collection right at your fingertips gives you the ability to pick the perfect personalized sound-track for your life. Whether you are seeking the intensity of opera, the freedom of good old classic rock, or the cool breezy tones of reggae, you will appreciate the precision with which you can modulate the tone and volume of your favorite tunes. You can pipe music into every room of your home, or fill just one intimate space with sound. You can even take the party outside with outdoor systems that give you the waterproof durability you need for worry-free open-air entertainment.

Premium Sound Through Wireless Speakers!

Wireless technology is wonderful and we have several wireless music options available, depending on your needs and the structure of your home. We highly recommend the Sonos Music System, an affordable way to add music throughout your home. Sonos has several options for wireless speakers depending on the size of your home and system. Access your personal music library or Internet radio services throughout your home and  control your Surround Sound System Wirelessly with your smart phone, tablet, digital device or  even your computer! 

Let Interactive Home Design give you the control you need to effortlessly turn your living space into any audio atmosphere, all at the touch of a fingertip.