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Bring Your Home to Life With Surround Sound!

Get unlimited control within your home with our Sound Solutions. Interactive Home designs and installs wireless sound systems, subwoofers and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. In order to maximize your sound experience, we pay close attention to the acoustics of the room and design a custom system to enhance the sound quality so every type of sound is heard properly. Great Audio Systems are a vital part of a home entertainment solution.


Experience Audio How It Was Intended 

Most current movies and television shows are recorded in a minimum 5.1 surround sound. This means the sound is designed for a five speaker, surround sound system. If you are currently using your TV speakers or have a less than a 5 speakers system, the sound is compressed, reducing the audio clarity with a less than ideal movie watching experience. A properly installed surround sound system will make voice and sound tones clear and crisp and provide you with a feeling of total sound immersion.

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